Jose not only fights hard for his clients, but also takes the time to work with his clients one-on-one, walking them through every step of the process. There are few attorneys in the Houston area that offer this personal side of the legal service, while also being able to achieve great results for their clients.
-Plaintiff's Counsel
Jose Orihuela is a fearless trial lawyer willing to take cases all the way to the jury. I have referred my closest friends to Jose because of my trust in his ability and fortitude.
-Benjamin T. Major, Appellate Counsel with Lanier Law Firm
Jose is a smart lawyer who believes in his clients and fights to get the justice they deserve. Without question, Jose is one of the "good guys" and one of the best lawyers around.
-Andrew C. Smith, Attorney
He's a man of his word, he's honest, a man with integrity, trustworthy and a darn good lawyer.
-Eugene A.

Helped me every step of the way. Helped me with doctors, always answered my calls, and helped resolve my case in a fair manner.

-Maria D.
Excellent job. Always updated me. Treated me like a person. Not just another file.
-Diana V.
Jose is tremendous. He gave us a 100% from day 1. He was there in a time of need. Compassionate and kind. My wife and I would recommend him in heartbeat.
-Jim P.

For two years I called jose on a weekly basis about my case. Every week he answered my call and spoke to me patiently...You won't find a better lawyer in town.

-Ricky S.