What to Do after an Accident Resulting in Amputation

The loss of an arm, leg, foot, hand, fingers, or any other part in an accident is devastating and demoralizing. The amputation of a body part can end or restrict a person's ability to continue their job. This has ramifications for that individual that not only affect the individual physically, but also impedes their ability to assist in the maintenance of their household.

Suppose you are a high school graduate who has worked his whole life as a laborer in the industrial landscape. You lose your right hand in a terrible accident. This injury not only affects you physically, but it affects your ability to go back to your job. You then have to find another job that will more likely than not pay less. Thus, for the rest of your life, your earning capacity has diminished considerably. The aforementioned does not even take into consideration all of the medical costs you will incur due to loss of your right hand. It is these kinds of losses that Jose Orihuela assists workers in when an accident causes them to lose a limb.

Other costs that are recoverable are medical and rehabilitative costs. These can be substantial. Let's also not forget the emotional toll one has due to the loss of a body part/amputation. You can depend on Jose Orihuela to investigate the amputation thoroughly for causation, liability, and all the available sources of recovery. Jose Orihuela starts to prepare the case for trial from the moment he is retained. That way, he can focus on fighting for the maximum compensation that can assist you in returning to a productive life.

Amputations can happen immediately or occur later due to extensive tissue damage or for other reasons. Call Jose Orihuela for a free consultation. Jose Orihuela will make sure your injuries are accounted for in negotiations. If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation, loss of limb and/or body part, contact Jose Orihuela today for a free of charge, no-obligation initial consultation.

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