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Jose Orihuela Feb. 5, 2021

According to the 2018 Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts by the Texas Department of Transportation, single-vehicle crashes resulted in about 1,291 deaths statewide in 2018. Single-vehicle accidents are traffic crashes that involve just one vehicle. Such scenarios may include hitting an object along the roadside, flipping over, running off the road, spinning out, or crashing into a tree or guardrail.

If you were involved in a single-vehicle accident, you may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries. At Jose Orihuela, Attorney at Law, I am dedicated to providing experienced legal guidance and strong representation to clients in personal injury cases. As your legal counsel, I can fight vigorously to protect your rights and help you pursue fair financial compensation to cover medical expenses, lost income, future medical treatment, or pain and suffering.

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Even if another party's actions may have contributed to the traffic crash, as long as only your motor vehicle was involved, it's considered a single-vehicle accident. Some possible causes of a single-vehicle accident include:

  • Speeding

  • Distracted driving

  • Drunk driving

  • Running off the road

  • Mechanical failure or vehicle defects

  • Bad weather

  • Poor road conditions

  • Driving while fatigued or drowsy driving

  • Inexperienced drivers


Seeking compensation after a single-vehicle accident in Texas requires identifying the at-fault party. Texas is a "fault" state, and under this system, the party responsible for the accident (the “at-fault” party) will cover costs incurred by the victims, including bodily injuries, property damage, and other liability.

However, just because it's a single-car accident doesn't necessarily mean that the driver is at fault. Even a careful driver may end up in an accident. Examples of situations in which another driver's actions may lead to a single-vehicle accident include:

  • Someone swerves into a lane, and the driver has to evade to prevent a collision

  • Another vehicle pulls out in front of the car, and while trying to avoid hitting them, the driver ends up driving into a tree

  • Another driver might have run the vehicle off the road

  • The accident occurred because of a defective vehicle part or mechanical failure


Texas motorists are required to have at least minimum liability coverage. However, you can still add other coverage for added protection. The following insurance coverage options are available to policyholders:

  • Liability Coverage: This policy provides coverage for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, wrongful death, and property damage to victims of auto accidents.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This policy covers damage to your vehicle due to incidents other than traffic collisions — hail damage, harsh weather, vandalism, theft, etc.

  • Collision Coverage: This policy covers damage to your car that occurs when you are still paying it off. You may receive compensation for the repair cost or the full amount of the vehicle.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This policy covers vehicle damage caused by a driver who has less than the required level of insurance or no insurance at all.


Since Texas follows the fault-based system, it is important to establish negligence when pursuing compensation. Therefore, when involved in a single-vehicle accident that was no fault of yours, you must gather important evidence immediately. Report the accident to your insurance provider and get the contact information and testimonies of any eye-witnesses.

If the accident occurred due to bad road conditions, take pictures of the accident scene and road situation. Report the problem to the governmental authority in charge of the road as soon as possible. In fact, you can make an injury claim against the entity responsible for road repairs or maintenance. Having substantial evidence is essential when trying to recover damages from the insurance company.


Even a perfectly careful driver can end up in a traffic collision. Such an injury can affect you physically, financially, and emotionally. When it happens to you, you are within your rights to pursue damages from the responsible party. A knowledgeable Texas personal injury attorney can help protect your rights and seek rightful compensation for your injuries.

At Jose Orihuela, Attorney at Law, I have devoted my career to offering experienced legal guidance and compassionate representation to single-vehicle accident victims and their families. As your attorney, I can:

  • Fight aggressively to protect your rights and represent your best interests

  • Review every aspect of your case and carry out a thorough investigation

  • Collect relevant information, evidence, eye-witness testimonies, and documentation

  • Work to prove fault and establish liability

  • Determine the full extent of your injuries and estimate case value

  • Help negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance carrier

  • File a personal injury or wrongful death, if applicable

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