The Rhino

Rhinoceros are among the largest mammals in the Asian and African continents. The rhino is a symbol of strength, stability, and power. The rhino is an animal that does not seek out a conflict, but when conflict arises it does not back down!

The most recognizable trait a rhino has is its horn. The horn displays Protection, Strength, and Success. The horn, in particular, is the reason for choosing the Rhino as the symbol for the firm. These are the values that Orihuela & Associates exemplifies.

Protection, Strength, and Success is what you can expect at Orihuela & Associates. Attorney Jose Orihuela always protects his clients’ interests and needs when representing them in legal matters. Mr. Orihuela goes the extra mile to make sure that his clients fully understand their legal rights and options moving forward. Jose Orihuela displays strength and determination on a daily basis working diligently, and often into the weekend, to further his clients’ cases. When facing a legal dispute, you need a strong lawyer who is not afraid to work hard and fight for you! One who is not afraid of conflict and will not back down! Jose Orihuela is no stranger to success. Mr. Orihuela does not base his success off the numerous cases he has settled but off each of his clients being satisfied with their individual results.

Protection, Strength, and Success are the characteristics that influenced Jose Orihuela’s decision to have the Rhino as the symbol for the firm. A Rhino does not let obstacles stand in its way and neither does Attorney Orihuela! You can expect nothing less from Mr. Orihuela and his staff at Orihuela & Associates.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident call Attorney Jose Orihuela at (832) 425-0239.

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