Choosing Your Attorney after a Slip and Fall Accident

Jose Orihuela takes tough cases, and this includes slip and fall accidents. Attorney Orihuela has handled many slip and fall cases and knows the ins and outs of these cases to know what he must do for his clients.

Slip and fall accidents are often the butt end of a joke and are made fun of by the media. But when you are the one seriously injured by a hazard left on the floor, you won’t be laughing. Make Jose Orihuela your choice for slip and fall or trip and fall injuries.

Jose Orihuela knows that any location in which the public is invited to for shopping or conducting any other business has a duty to conduct an inspection of its premises to the keep the area safe for its patrons. Spills and leaks in machines often cause hard-to-notice slip hazards in public places. Faulty railing, rotting railing, rotten balconies and steps, poor lighting, holes, and sudden changes in elevation in walkways all may lead to serious injury from an unanticipated fall.

These businesses know falls may happen, and they even have risk management who know how to take action to HIDE the evidence of their liability. Contact Jose Orihuela now, and he will work to identify and keep all evidence for future use.

In addition to businesses, homeowners are also responsible for eliminating and/or disclosing known hazards that wouldn’t be discovered by a social guest via a reasonable inspection. They must tell their guests of these hidden dangers when they invite them in.

Other premises liability issues are those which are known to attract children. Property owners and businesses have to protect children from what is known as “attractive nuisances.” These come in many forms, but some are easy access to a pool, easy access to a dog, trails, tracks, or other existing circumstances that one would reasonably anticipate to draw people to a hidden danger.

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